Who we are

CTM is a super-denominational mission fellowship of Christians to reach all peoples on earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, working together with mission organizations and churches.

Our Purpose

CTM was built in 1989 to carry on the Great Commission(Matthew 28:19-20) and God’s command to be fruitful and
rule over the earth(Genesis 1 :28) which we are to do. We try to approach intemet-people(netizen) in various ways in the spirit of ‘becoming all things to all men by all possible means”.(1 Corinthians 9:22)

Our Ministriese

1 ) We train people to be a computer tent-making missionaries and send them abroad.
2) We make resources for teaching Bible and offer them to churches.
3) We help churches stand firm based on the Bible in modern culture.
4) We share the gospel online and do evangelism in various ways.
5) We support churches by training people to be an expert in education.
6) We find experts who can help missionaries through internet and guide them to do it.