Adam and Eve created in the image of God



God created this world by using only His words. On the first day, God made the day and the night, then on the second day he made a big wide space called sky.

<Click> On the third day, He separated the land from the sky then on the fourth day, He made the sun, the moon, and the stars. Next, on the fifth day, He created the birds and the fish.

<Click> On the sixth day, God created all kinds of animals by using dust. It was all good in God’s eyes.

<Click> God said, “Let’s create man in our own image and let him rule over everything.” God decided to create humans in His own image.

<Click> God made the first human by using dust as well. However, the difference between the animals is that God breathed life into the human.

<Click> This was the first man, Adam. Adam was made in God`s image which was very different than the created animals. Similar with God, he was holy and he was made to obey God`s words.

<Click> Adam, who was made in God`s image, was ordered to do some special things. God brought all of the animals that He created to Adam so that he could name them. When Adam named each one it became that name.

<Click> Every animal had their own partner; however, Adam was alone. When God looked at Adam he looked so lonely. So, God decided to create a partner for Adam.

<Click> God made Adam fall into a deep sleep. Then God took one of Adam`s ribs to create a woman. This woman was Eve, Adam`s wife.

<Click> Adam confessed to Eve a wonderful thing. “Ah, this is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she came from man so I will call her woman.” Adam was so thankful to God.

<Click> God who created this whole world was so happy to see this man and woman. He was more pleased to look at them than his other creations.

<Click>  Adam and Eve lived happily in the Garden of Eden. They ate every fruit there. Every animal followed Adam and Eve`s orders and they lived peacefully together.

<Click>  The most pleasing thing was that God met with Adam and Eve every day.  Adam and Eve who were created in God`s own image lived happily obeying God`s words.

<Click>  When God created us He created us in His own image so there is no other similar thing. That`s why we should always live to please God in everything we do and with everything we have.

(You can change the conclusion of this sermon best suited to your listeners.  We want to make it clear that the provided conclusion is only a sample conclusion provided by CTM.)


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